Join the Annotation Party🤓: How can we measure reader growth w/o a Deficit Lens?

We (that means me and you, dear reader) are discussing and annotating “How Should Readers Develop Across Time? Mapping Change without a Deficit Perspective” by Maren Aukerman (unannotated original text available here — need NCTE membership). We are using, a free tool teachers and students can use to share their annotations of websites and pdfs (unless you’re like our school and students have iPads to use in the class, which seem incompatible).

Join by replying to our comments and posting your own annotations (we are also learning to use the website, so we apologize if there are any technical difficulties!).

(*Of course I’m joking about the “party” — odds are I’m the only geek spending my spring break re-reading research but it’s my form of yoga) 🤓

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