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This page is always growing. Although we have grouped them into these two broad categories, essential to the research we use must be a socio-cultural stance overall which for us means: the development of student agency, collaboration, and self-efficacy. In our experience, these are at the heart of developing literacy (both the ability to read and the love for reading), and student empowerment, and which are deeply entwined with a culturally-responsive classroom that centralizes student voices and identities and starts from a place of building on their strengths.

Reading & Discussion

Student Thought and Classroom Language: Examining the Mechanisms of Change in the Dialogic Classroom

Meaningful Oral and Silent Reading in the Elementary and Middle School Classroom Breaking the Round Robin Reading Addiction

What Meaning-Making Means Among Us: The Intercomprehending of Emergent Bilinguals in Small- Group Text Discussions

Dialogic Teaching

Children’s Perceptions of Their Reading Ability and Epistemically Roles in Monologically and Dialogically Organized Bilingual Classrooms

Writing Instruction

The Quick Write Handbook: 100 Mentor Texts to Jumpstart Your Students’ Thinking and Writing by Linda Rief – short, useful texts, including texts written by students, with approaches for teaching them.

Writing with Mentors: How to Reach Every Writer in the Room Using Current, Engaging Mentor Texts by Rebekah O’Dell and Allison Marchetti – a very helpful text which goes very deeply in how to teach this way. I also recommend their text Beyond Literary Analysis for how it moves teachers toward a more expansive view of this type of writing.

The Write Thing: Kwame Alexander Engages Students in Writing Workshop (And You Can Too!) A Must-Have Resource for Teaching Writing Workshop in Grades K-12 – this really challenged me to take a fresh look at poetry as a source of instruction.

Slay the Monster! Replacing Form-First Pedagogy with Effective Writing Instruction

This is one of many texts that has helped us frame our argument against boxed-in writing instruction for emergent bilinguals.

Reading & Writing Curriculum Design

  • we were shocked to see how much this reflected the approach we had in our design of our Reading & Discourse class, so we used to help us devise a tandem Writers class.
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