We believe you are here because you are constantly striving to empower and teach all students in the best ways possible. We know we aren’t alone in our search for better answers. A lot is on us as teachers right now, and we are eager for the possibilities in all of it.

We are two teachers who became each other’s touchstones by pulling and pushing each other through our different approaches to planning and instruction. We constantly spurred each other on through a shared passion for taking on the structures in education we saw holding back students of color and immigrant students. Now, as Reading & Writing teachers at the same international school in the Bronx, we are constantly reflecting and interrogating ourselves, changing our approach to curriculum design, instruction, and classroom environment.

This site is our place to continue to do this more publicly and to conspire, create and change alongside other teachers like you who, we guess, can’t sleep and have a million tabs open on their computer or phone right now because of all the questions, hopes, emotions, demands, and turmoil swirling in your mind.

So, welcome. Check out the blog. Hang out with us.

Oh, and bookmark this tab 😉

Mac & Marie