Latest Podcast: Let’s hear from the students

Ep. 4 Reflecting on Lesson Planning as teachers of ELLs/MLLs Rewiring Our Teaching

In this first episode for the 2021-22 school year, we reflect on how we have changed in our approach to planning units and lessons, from being teachers who were held to strict pacing guides or rigid units, to teachers who use a more student-centered, dynamic approach. Why do some approaches lend themselves to the "factory model" and how can planning be more responsive and center the student? — Send in a voice message:
  1. Ep. 4 Reflecting on Lesson Planning as teachers of ELLs/MLLs
  2. Ep. 3: Annotations as Entry Points with MLL/ELLs
  3. Ep 2: Pushing the limits in Reading with multilingual learners

In our classrooms, student voices lead. Their interests and needs drive the curriculum (explained really well in an upcoming podcast with a fellow teacher), so I realized the podcast should do that as well. You will be hearing more from our recent grads through their own writing, sharing and discussions. I will also share supports on how to use their work as tools in your classes, whether for your planning or your instruction.

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